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 Rental Conditions:

Documents needed for rent:
  • Driver's license / 2 years /
  • identity card
  • credit card or payment*
*in the absence of conditions for car rental cards to determine the employee manual rental

Other conditions :
  • 25 years old person renting a car
  • the vehicle can be driven only by the person reported on the contract and can not be lent to any third party, unless the parties agree otherwise Agreement
  • Tenant agrees to use the vehicle completely at their own expense
  • Tenant agrees to use the vehicle in accordance with the principles of proper use and traffic regulations
  • during the rental tenant should check the oil, coolant and tire pressure
  • export the car outside the Republic must be agreed with the landlord in the other case involves a loss of deposit
  • down payment is a guarantee of a specific model and rental rates
  • payment for the rental period is payable in advance
  • Rental charges each time deposits amounting to PLN 1000
  • if the damage done the deductible is PLN 500 tenant

Detailed rules are available in the rental office or downloaded from the website   



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